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Searching for a Subject

Searching for a Subject is a topical concordance for the English bible:

  • Select Searching for a Subject from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar.
  • To search by topic enter a topic title in the subject box, for example, Life.
  • Click the search button. 
  • A list of subheadings are displayed under the topic title. 
  • Click on a subheading, for example Long, to display a list of biblical citations for that subject. 
  • Click on a bible reference to display the context in a bible panel. 
  • To return to the search panel use the return button on your browser or select Search for a Subject from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar.

To search by biblical reference:

  • Select the intermediate level with the level slider.
  • Leave the subject box empty. 
  • Enter the reference in the Verse / Book reference box, for example, Rev 19
  • Click the search button.
  • The subject headings with subheadings are displayed. 
  • Click on a subheading to displace a list of biblical citations.









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