STEPBible - Scripture Tools for Every Person - from Tyndale House, Cambridge


STEP provides access to a large library of bibles, commentary and dictionaries in more than 250 languages with interfaces in more than 50 languages. 




  • /wiki/spaces/SUG/pages/9797659, including ancient and modern versions in hundreds of languages - and many more to come
  • Commentaries, mainly in English (but growing all the time) on the meaning of the text and variants
  • Dictionaries to understand the underlying Greek & Hebrew, from quick lookups to scholarly lexicons
  • Apparatus showing what the original manuscripts said (much more in preparation)
  • Download a fully-working copy to your own PC or Mac (phone apps in preparation)
  • Webpage tools can add quick links or put a fully working STEP Bible inside your page 


Full list of online Bibles & Commentaries
All these, and a few more, are available for the offline downloaded STEPBible 


                    is created and supported by Bible scholars at Tyndale House, Cambridge
with a great deal of help from volunteers and partnering by many organisations.