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Searching for a Word in the original


With this tool Greek and Hebrew1 words from the ancient biblical texts can be identified by entering an approximate English meaning or a Strong's number. The results of a search can be displayed in both ancient and modern tagged2 versions.  


To identify the Greek or Hebrew word used in the search based on the meaning:   

  • Select the taggedversions you want displayed from the Bible versions menu, for example ESV, Byz, KJV.
  • Select words meaning option in the Search for menu
  • Enter an English word, for example, free
  • A list of Greek and Hebrew words will pop up. Select an original language word.
  • Click the Search button.  

To enter a word directly in the ancient language

  • Select Greek or Hebrew in the search for menu. 
  • Type or paste a Greek or Hebrew in the adjacent box.
  •  A list of Greek or Hebrew words will pop up. Select the word you want to find.
  • Press the Search button.

To enter a word using Strong's number:

  • Select Greek or Hebrew in the search for menu.
  • Enter the number in the word box, for example, G3494 for νεανίας: a young man. 

Intermediate level: 

  • Move the level slider (upper right corner) to Intermediate 
  • Select the range of the search from the Restrict results to menu
  • Select Greek or Hebrew in the search for menu
  • Begin typing a Greek/Hebrew word. 
  • When the a word list pops up check the box Include all forms . 
  • All forms which include the letters typed will be displayed. To make the list more inclusive delete letters at the end of the word. 
  • In the showing menu select:
    1. all related words 
    2. all forms of this word
    3. this specific form of this word
  • Select how the results will be organized from the group by menu. This menu is only active when all related words is chosen from the showing menu.   


Note: Simply selecting a specific inflected form does not limit the search to that form. To limit the search to a specific form select: this specific form of this word from the showing menu.

1 Hebrew search functions include the Aramaic vocabulary of the Old Testament.  

2 Tagged versions are indicated on Bible versions menu with the letter V after the version name. Click the All button (toggle) at top of the Bible versions menu to display the tagged texts in the top section of the menu.   







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