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Add Bookmarks

A bookmark allows you to return quickly to a passage in the /wiki/spaces/SUG/pages/8323074 panel:  

  • To make a bookmark Select Bookmark passage from the Tools menu on the STEP toolbar.
  • Bookmarks list appears  between the panels in Two Panel1 view. 
  • Clicking the right arrow displays the passage in the right hand panel.
  • Clicking the left arrow displays the passage in the left hand panel.
  • Clicking on a Bookmark or Recent text displays that passage in the Passage lookup2 panel without otherwise affecting the current bibles displayed. 
  • To return to the previous panel use the return arrow on your browser. 


1 The right hand panel isn't shown in the example. 

2Bookmark made to John 1 while viewing  the Spanish bible SpaTDP will return to John 1 in whatever bibles are currently displayed in the Passage lookup panel. Clicking a bookmark or recent text always displays a Passage lookup panel. 







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