STEPBible - Scripture Tools for Every Person - from Tyndale House, Cambridge

Development Team

STEP Bible is developed by a team organised at Tyndale House, Cambridge UK


  • Dr Peter Williams
  • Dr David Instone-Brewer
  • Dr Dale Brueggemann

CrossWire community

The CrossWire community has been extremely helpful in providing all of our currently hosted Bibles and commentaries, and the core software that reads these Bible modules. 

Head of software development: 

  • Christopher Burrell


Some contribute time and abilities and some contribute money. 
The following have agreed to be mentioned by name and there are many more. 
There are lots of interesting tasks - so contact us and join the team.

  • Abbie Chidwick
  • Alex Duncan
  • Andrew Login
  • Ben Morgan
  • Ben Wilkinson
  • Cai Talvio
  • Charles L. Echols
  • Chris Burrell
  • Claire Skrine
  • Colin Bell
  • Dave Eaves
  • David Haslam
  • Dr Wesley "Ley" Rose
  • Elizabeth Joy
  • Fred Smith
  • Gheorghe-Luca Ciprian
  • Heather Goodman
  • Helen Woolcock
  • IfeOgunleye
  • Jason Brooks
  • Jim West
  • John Hutton
  • Joseph H.S. Lee
  • Keith Nye
  • Kirsty Borthwick
  • Lina Munro
  • Luke Forty
  • Luke Griffiss-Williams
  • Paul Bailie
  • Phil Church
  • Peter Henry
  • Pr Art Bolstad
  • Rebecca Annan
  • Rev. David C. Royer
  • Rob Bradshaw
  • Ronald E. Empleton
  • Russell S. Morton
  • Sarah Adams
  • Steffen Jenkins
  • Sue Conboy
  • Tim Bulkeley
  • Tim Totton
  • Una Herbage
  • Walter Lamberti
  • WillTimmins
  • Yonghua Ge
  • Yunmei Li

 is created and supported by Bible scholars at Tyndale House, Cambridge
with a great deal of help from volunteers and partnering by many organisations.