STEPBible - Scripture Tools for Every Person - from Tyndale House, Cambridge

Joining the team to help build STEP

Giving your time

The software and resources in STEP are all built by volunteers, with the oversight of Tyndale House, Cambridge and in partnership with Crosswire

Volunteers have many different types of skill and there is something for almost anyone. So if you have 5 hours or more a week available, please contact us.

We have openings for people with a variety of skillsets:
* general knowledge of the Bible and English
* good knowledge of English and editing
* good general Bible knowledge (WITHOUT Greek or Hebrew)
* good knowledge of Greek or Hebrew
* programming skills in Javascript and/or Java

See the detailed presentation, or pick from these: 

ModulesWhat this isSkills needed
STEP Bibles The central program for reading and searching Bible texts and context (more...)Programmers in Javascript and Java
STEP User GuideHelping to use the STEP facilities and understand them (ie edit his Guide)Careful writers with knowledge of how software works
STEP AmbassadorsHelping promote STEP and helping to teach users how to get the best out of itGood online communicators and/or educators
STEP InterlinearsTagging of the ESV. FINISHEDCareful editors (no knowledge of Greek or Hebrew needed)
STEP GeographyHigh Resolution maps of old Palestine meshed with satellite maps (more...)Programmers in GoogleEarth APIs
STEP HistoryExpandable timelines for all datable Bible people, events and eras. (more...)People with good Bible knowledge
STEP GenealogyComplex and complete family trees of Bible people and nations. (more...)People with good Bible knowledge
STEP LexiconsFull-text dictionaries, accessible without needing to know ancient alphabets. ALMOST FINISHED (more...)Careful editors with some knowledge of Greek or Hebrew
STEP EncyclopaediaNewly edited articles of Bible places, people, events and teachings (more...)Careful editors with good Bible knowledge 
STEP MeaningsVariant meanings and manuscripts of the original Bible text (more...)Careful editors with some knowledge of Greek or Hebrew
STEP LibraryOnline books and articles organised by Bible text, subject and usefulness (more...)Internet researchers; English indexers 
STEP ContextGuided searches of ancient literature for Bible words used in similar contexts  (more...)(not yet started) is created and supported by Bible scholars at Tyndale House, Cambridge
with a great deal of help from volunteers and partnering by many organisations.