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The STEP project relies on volunteers to make excellent Bible study tools available to the whole world! We need people with many varied skills.

English language speakers

We need lots of English-speaking people, writers, editors, etc. in order to develop our dataset further. Some tasks include:

  • Help write the user guide to teach people how to use STEP
  • Updating our Topical/Subject search data from archaic language to remove words such as "oblation
  • Write and edit articles for the forthcoming encyclopedia

Native language speakers

We want to provide STEP in many different languages. In order to achieve this, we require people who are willing to translate buttons, menus, help messages. The task involves translating roughly 400 short phrases (2-3 words each). We use Crowdin to manage our translations. Join the project by clicking here.

We also need Chinese-speaking volunteers to help with our Interlinears.


The STEP project would like to have more code contributors. The project is a combination Java and Javascript with roughly 50/50 split and a bit of HTML/CSS.

Lots of other opportunities

There are many other areas where we need volunteers.

  • Working out the coordinates of Tyndale's Ancient maps to overlay these on Google Maps.
  • Graphics designer to help improve the User Interface colours
  • UX expert to feedback on usability and make recommendations for better user experience
  • Help test the software, raise bugs to improve functionality, suggest improvements, etc.

See the list of projects with many different skill-sets and topics. There's sure to be something which suits you. 


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