STEP Project

STEP is a free, high-quality, portable web-based, online and offline Bible study tool, comprising many versions across hundreds of languages, with many different viewing options to ease personal study.

Looking for the User Guide? You'll find it here: STEP User Guide

Vision & Aims

The aim is to create trustworthy and free Bible software for the under-resourced world, where they struggle with lack of resources, intermittent or poor internet access and where they often depend on old computers or smartphones.

The feature set is now becoming so rich that we envisage many in the rest of the world will also be using this software.
See this quick intro, more info, a working prototype and a list of other projects to get involved with.  


Please see the Roadmap page for our development strategy.

Technical brief

Developed with Eclipse in Java SE, HTML, JavaScript using JQuery and JQuery UI, source controlled in GitHub, tracked with JIRA, documented in Confluence, built with Jenkins and code reviewed with Crucible.

Getting started