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Advanced text search is an extended form of Text Search which permits multiple queries to be combined.

  • The passages located and displayed from the search must match all the criteria in the first query
  • The texts displayed from the first query must be found within the specified number of verses of a text satisfying the criteria in the second query
  • A text which simply satisfies the criteria in the second query is not displayed in the results. 
  • The second query is a qualifier which limits the scope of the first query

The first illustration shows:

  • false prophets arose in the Include all of these words field of the first query. 
  • 15 verses as the maximum range between the first and second query. 
  • ancient world in the Include all of these words field of the second query. 
  • like irrational animals in the Include exact phrase field of the second query.
  • The entire bible (Gen-Rev) as the search range.
  • The ESV as the search version. 

Second Peter 2:1 is the result of the search:

  • it includes all the words false prophets arose, 
  • The words ancient world are found in 2Pet 2:5.
  • The exact phrase like irrational animals is found in  2Pet 2:12.
  • All the criteria in the second query are satisfied within 15 verses of the first query. 
  • The search criteria are satisfied within the ESV version.
  • The search criteria are satisfied within the range Gen-Rev.