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Text Search is a used to search for groups of words1 or exact phrases.  

  • Select Text Search from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar. 
  • Select Intermediate View with the slider in the upper right corner.  
  • Select the versions you wish to search using the Bible Version(s) menu.
  • Define the search criteria using the menus and text boxes, from left to right:
    1. Search type, for example, words starting with.
    2. Search words box, for example: prophet. 
    3. Range of search menu, for example, Mat-Acts.
    4. Include/Exclude option menu, for example, include
    5. Search type, for example, all of the words. 
    6. Search words box, for example: False Christs. 
    7. Range of search menu, for example, the same verse.  

1Unless otherwise specified, the search finds only the exact form of the word entered. A search on Christ Christs will not match Christs unless the words starting with option is selected. Christ.  Prophet matches Prophets when then the words starting with option is selected.