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You can integrate STEP Bible tools into your website so users stay on your site while they study the text.
You could, for example:

  • display a text (verse, series of verses, chapters, etc.) in your preferred version
  • display a text or series of verses in many versions, such as ESV, NIV, etc, or in any of hundreds of languages
    eg: John.3.16 & Rom.3.23 in NIV English & Spanish 
  • list all the places a Hebrew or Greek word is used, highlighted in a translation
    eg: all the places where one finds agape and agapaw in John, in the ESV  
  • compare two translations and the differences between them marked in blue
    eg: Rom.5 according to the KJV and ESV
  • Examine the Hebrew or Greek underlying your text with word-by-word interlinear
    eg: Eph.6.18 in KJV with underlying Greek and grammar 


Table of Contents

 Simple links to STEP Bible

STEP Bible uses the URL as an API. This means you can simply copy the address line in your browser and make a link from it. The link can be as simple as:

<a href="">John 3.16-20</a>

For more complex links, visit this page: How the STEP URL works.  

 How to add STEP Bible in a simple Frame

STEP Bible can fit on any web page of any size. By setting the size of the iframe, STEP will drop to a one or two column layout as appropriate.

eg: click on "Bible Text" at Redeemer Church in Croydon 

You can learn more about frames here and try out code here 
eg, try:

<iframe src="|reference=John.3.16-20" width=800 height="600"></iframe>

Now try clicking on a word in the text. You have a fully functioning STEP Bible in your website!

Please be aware that STEPBible is not to be used for commercial purposes, so please do not include advertising or donation buttons on the same page as a STEPBible frame.


 Quick start HTML samples

It is easy to experiment with Javascript and JQuery and build your own code at JS Fiddles. 
Here are some example ideas: 

These are hosted at where you can experiment with code and see what it does.
Just change the code and click on Run. When you have what you want, copy it to your page.