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Searching for words while studying a bible passage is a natural activity for a bible student.  The search itself is exceptionally easy one mouse click in the Original Word window. Here is a description of the complete setup:

  • Select Passage lookup (default) from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar.
  • Drag the view slider to Intermediate (optional). 
  • Select one or more lexicon capable1 versions, for example, ESV and WHNU.   
  • Select Two panel view (optional)2 from the View menu on the STEP toolbar.
  • Select a Bible text, for example, Acts 4.
  • Click on a word in the passage, for example custody in ESV Acts 4:3.
  • When the lexicon window appears, click on one of the colored links above, either same word or related words 

A search window will appear with with the results for  τήρησις (tērēsis): custody. 

  • The change which version is searched, select a version one or more versions from the Bible version menu.
  • To restrict the range of the search, enter a range e.g.,  Acts-Rom in the Restrict results box. 

1A lexicon capable text is indicated by the letter V after the name/code in the version menu.  Lexicon capable versions are displayed in the top section of the menu when the All button (toggle) is activated. 

2If you are using single panel view, the Search window will replace the Passage lookup window. To return to reading the passage use the return arrow on your browser or select  Passage lookup from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar. In two panel view the search window is displayed without obscuring the passage window.