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Scripture Tools for Every Person -



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STEP Bible provides:

  • Readable text references, notes, headings, comparisons, interleaved and interlinear
  • Related passages in popups, in context, in multiple versions, in any language
  • Original text as Hebrew/Greek, transliteration, with grammar or English glosses
  • Hundreds of Bibles & commentaries in different languages and styles
  • Multi-lingual front end (menus & popups) in 40 languages and more in preparation
  • Original language vocabulary in any Bible by hovering over the verse number
  • Multiple interlinear displays vocabulary, NT grammar, and transliteration

(Interlinear available so far in 21 Bibles incl. English ESV, Chinese, Czech & Spanish)

  • Word-cloud analysis in any language, including animated progress through a book
  • Subject searches leading to main passages, sorted lists and related verses
  • Word searches in any language, or by underlying original text or combinations
  • Bookmarks for places, searches, subject lists etc, and restore setup when restarting
  • Sharing of verses or searches via Facebook etc or reproduce any panel via a web address
  • Greek dictionary - an enhanced Liddel-Scott-Jones based on the 9th edition.
  • Hebrew dictionary - an abridged Brown-Driver-Biggs. Full version in preparation.




aims to provide believers and church leaders with Bible tools that are:

Trustworthy* tested and validated by the scholars of Tyndale House, Cambridge UK
Readable  * including Bibles and interfaces in hundreds of local languages
Wide-ranging* tools for language, geography, history, manuscripts, translation
Understandable* textual and language information is explained and transliterated
Comprehensive* brief tags lead to short summaries which lead to detailed information
Usable  * complexity is made easy with well-designed searches and displays
Accessible* runs on low-spec hardware with intermittent or no internet connection
Free* distributed via internet or USB/SD cards, and usable in other software
Shareable * personal studies or complex layouts can be stored and shared by links
Educational* a non-proselytizing aid for believers and anyone interested in the Bible

Please report any content which may contravene these guidelines. 

The STEP software and datasets may be used in other projects - see the licence details



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