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To display two or more bible versions in columns:

  • Move the view slider in the upper right corner all the way to the right for Advanced viewing. 
  • In the Translation / Commentary box enter or select a version you wish to use as the basis for comparison, for example, ESV.  
  • In the Comparison Versions box enter or select one or more versions you wish to compare, for example, Church Slavonic and LXX. 
  • In the Bible text box enter or select the passage you wish to display, for example, Genesis 1. 
  • In the view options box (will be shown as) select Column view. 
  • Select the versions you wish to see
  • Click on the options 'cog' and select "Column view"  

This is partilarly useful when you want to see two versions of the same passage, because the verses will always remain aligned. Bibles and Commentaries can be viewed together. 

You can add as many versions as you wish, though the columns will become narrower with each. 
You can reduce the display to a single panel to give room for more columns.