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To display textsdisplay two or more texts Interleaved:

  • Move the view slider all the way to the right for Advanced viewing. 
  • In the Translation / Commentary box enter or select a text to be used as the basis for comparison.
  • In the Comparison versions box select one or more versions. 
  • In the Bible text box enter, paste or select the passage you wish to compare.
  • In the will be shown as box select interleaved

To display texts Interleaved with comparison:

  • In the will be shown as box select Interleaved with comparison
  • Select the Bibles or commentaries you wish to see 
  • Click on the options 'cog' and select "Interleaved" 

This is particularly useful when you want to see versions of different lengths, such as a Bible with a commentary. Or if you want to compare a large number of different Bibles. 

If different verse numbering is used in these versions, the numbering follows the first version (see explanation).


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