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Vocabulary boxes provide quick access to several kinds of information about biblical words. To see Vocabulary boxes:
  • Select Passage Lookup (default) from the Search menu on the STEP toolbar. 
  • Leave the View level slider set on basic1 (default).
  • Select Two Panel view (optional)2 from the View menu on the STEP toolbar. 
  • Select any bible version.
  • Hover over a verse number to display a Vocabulary box for that verse . 

Everything coloured blue or red in a Vocabulary box is a link:

  • To see a lexicon entry for a single word, click on that word in the Vocabulary box.
  • To search for every occurrence of a word in the current book click on the first number to the right of the word.
  • To search for every occurrence of a word in the current version click on the second number3 to the right of the word.
  • To search for all forms of a word in the current version click the empty spyglass to the left of that word. 
  • To search for related words click the spyglass with a dot.
  • To search for related verses click on See related verses at the bottom of the vocabulary box.   
  • To search for related subjects click on See related subjects at the bottom of the vocabulary box.

The related word search displays a row of original language words with English glosses as toggle4 buttons.

  • To limit the search results to a single word click the button for that word.
  • To add a second word click on a second button.
  • To remove the first word from the search click again on that button to turn it off. 
  • Turning off all the word buttons results in a display of all related words.
  • Click on a highlighted word in a passage to see the lexical entry for that word.

1Vocabulary boxes only function with a single version displayed in one panel. 
2Vocabulary box search works in Single panel view but the search pane replaces the bible version pane. To return to the bible version pane use the return arrow on your browser or select Passage lookup from the Search menu in the Step tool bar. 
3These numbers represent word counts for the current book and the whole bible. Word counts obtained by searching will vary determined by what version/edition is selected in the search windowpanel.  The different different critical editions that form the basis for different versions produce slightly different word counts. 

4A toggle button is a switch which is alternately on and off. One click on, a second click off. 

5This related word search was initiated from the vocabulary box for Galatians 3:20 by clicking the dotted spy glass icon next to the word mediator, see example. 




Search in the Current Book: καυχάομαι (kauchaomai): to boast, brag about; rejoice in Romans 5:11 

Search the Current Version: καταλλάσσω (katallassō): to reconcile in Romans 5:11 

Search for related words: uprising in Acts 15:2:

Related verses search for Acts 4:2 produces a verse list starting with Acts 4:23, 21:23 ..


Related subject search for Acts 4:3 produces: