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"For a long time now, I've been wishing that high quality biblical research software data were available to my students and colleagues wherever I lecture around Eurasia; with this beta release, STEP has taken the first huge step in that direction"

Dale A. Brueggemann

"Intuitive, clean, easy to use! I love the fact that definitions and asked for information doesn't hide the Bible text!"

Wade Maxfield

"As a lover of word puzzles, languages and Scripture, contributing to the STEP progamme has been both a privilege and a delight."

Alan Hill

"Working on the OT translation window was holy for me-- how the Word lit my path!"

Galen Goldsmith

“I am blown away by how STEP has turned out! Academically thorough in content and yet completely comprehensive, STEP is not only accessible for all but also entirely relevant to all.”

Helen Woolcock

"Amazingly resourceful and convenient one-stop place for biblical studies. Love it!"

K. K. Yeo

"Wonderful resources with great functionalities for devotional and academic use"

Bayar Garamtseren (Mongolia)

"This is a landmark development in personal and group Bible study for the 21st century; I am impressed with the easy access to help in understanding and applying the Word of God."

Alan G. Webb

"I think STEP is brilliant, I love how every word is linked and higlighted, it's really useful for analysing the text quickly and seeing how it all fits together."

Dave Eaves

"The STEP program is a great resource for students of scripture,both in providing easy access to very readable translation as well as access to the interrelationships of texts within the scripture."

Russell Morton